Grandia is a 1997 RPG created for Sega Saturn, later released for the Play Station in English in 1999. It is one of the first RPGs that became popular outside of Asia. The story follows Justin, an aspiring adventurer seeking to discover the secrets of the ancient Angelou civilization. On his journey he continuously runs into the Garlyle Forces, a private military organization trying to take away the spirit stone he got from his father, the key to Angelou. With the help of the spirit stone Gaia, an evil monster, is created which will destroy the world unless Justin and his friends stop it.

Sue is Justin's 8-year-old friend from his hometown, Parm. Since her parents died she lives with her aunt and uncle and frequently eats dinner at Justin's house with him and his mother. What she hates most is being told she's only a child and she hopes to grow up to become a "beautiful lady" one day. She frequently tells Justin how to behave and be responsible and always tries to act like a grown-up. Even though he wants to leave her behind, Sue follows Justin onto a ship taking them to the new continent, Elencia, and travels with him on his adventures. Halfway through the game, Sue gets too sick and exhausted to continue travelling with the group, who then find a Teleportation Orb for her to send her back to Parm safely. After she leaves, Sue appears in another scene later in the game and in the epilogue where she has finally turned into a beautiful lady.

Sue's weapons are the mace and projectile and, to some degree, her pet Puffy, who helps her with some of her special moves. Sue is often regarded a "weaker character" in the game and that it would be a waste to buy magic spells for her while actually, though she's a bit weaker and slower than Justin, she can be turned into an important member of the party, particularly as a healer, should the player work with her properly, especially considering how long she remains a part of the group.

Puffy is Sue's pet, given to her by Justin's father, who found him while on an adventure. His species is unknown and his name comes from the sounds he makes: "puff, puff". Puffy can fly but likes to rest on Sue's head most of the time. He helps her in battles, wants to keep her safe and most importantly, he's always hungry, which sometimes causes the group trouble.
» Don't blame me! It was your fault, Justin, for trying to leave me behind! «
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